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From: Todd Dobson
To: David Turner
Subject: Visitors this week in Perry
Sent: Feb 13, 2011 9:16 AM

 Rick Jasperse, our local represenative, spoke yesterday at our county
livestock show.  In Mr. Jasperse remarks he made mention of the fact that
he and some others are planning on bringing a group from Atlanta to Perry
on Friday.  He also mentioned that several of them that may be attending
have never visited a livestock show.  With this being said, I would like
to ask two things of you this week.
1)  Please remember that you and your students only get one shot at making
this first impression on these people who will go back to Atlanta and tell
others of their experience.
2)  I think this group may be easy to pick out but they may not be, if you
get a chance, get on the gvata know your legislator page and find the
picture with Rick Jasperse.  You can atleast familiarize yourself with
him.  Then when you see this group, go talk to them, invite them to visit
with your students in the barn and toot your own horn a little bit.

I see this as just another great opportunity for our program so I ask you
to please take a few minutes if you see them to make them feel welcome and
help them realize how our program does impact the lives of so many
students in the state.

Thanks again for everything you do and hope to see you all in Perry.

Todd Dobson

David Turner