Unloading Hogs for the State Show will be different this year. Below are the
steps to follow  to get your pigs checked in. We are changing this to try to
cut down on the time that you spend in the line before you get to the
unloading area.

When you get to the Fairgrounds you will turn onto the grounds at the first
entrance (just like at the GNF this past year) and line up on the gravel
road. We will have someone set up before you get to the fence to do the pen
assignment.  You will then start making two lines according to which barn
you want to be penned in. The right lane will be for Sheep/Swine II (the new
barn) and the left lane will be for sheep/swine I (the old barn).

When you back up to the barn-there will be gates to back up to- you will let
the Dept. of Ag check your health papers and look at your pigs. You can then
pen your animals and move your trailer to unload your equipment; you will
need to get your trailer out of the unloading area as soon as possible.

We will pass out pig flow charts at pen assignment to tell you which way to
move your animals to the pens and to the scales.

The scales will be set up behind New South Arena and we will use the lanes
from each barn to hold pigs to be weighed. We will use the north lane from
each barn to get to the scales and you will return using the south lane. You
will need to get in line to be weighed as soon as you can.

Remember the only pigs that can come onto the Fairground on Wednesday are
pigs that are entered in the state show. No pigs for the Sunday Show that
are not in the State show will be allowed to unload until all the State Show
Pigs are loaded out Saturday night. Pigs will be penned two to the pen (new
rule #9) and no extra pens will be given. *Do Not bring pigs that are not
entered in the State Show to the Fairgrounds until Saturday night.*

We will need everyone’s cooperation to make this work. I think the new
procedure will cut down on the time you spend in the line.

Tommy Waldrop
Area Livestock Teacher
South Region Agricultural Education
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