As I was perusing the Augusta Chronicle last night, I came across an article in the Business Section about Forestry that I thought would be good to share with your Forestry students to help them see the need for Forestry in Georgia.  The title of the article is Forests valued at $38 billion.  The article written by Walter C. Jones states that according to a recent study by the UGA, the annual environmental value of Georgia's private forest land is $37.6 billion.  This is the first attempt to put a dollar figure on the environmental benefits of timber according to the president of the Georgia Forestry Association, Steve McWilliams.  Factors used in the study were water filtration, carbon storage, wildlife habitat, and aesthetics. It took three years for the Warnell School of Forestry & Natural Resources to come up with the figures for the 22 million acres of privately owned timberland in Georgia which is 92 percent of the total. This is the biggest amount of privately owned timber in any state in the nation. Gov. Deal said that considering this along with the $28 billion annual value of Georgia's wood-products industry, Georgia should exploit its timberland strengths.  He also said that he wanted Georgia to be the leader in the production of biomass.   

John Allen Bailey
Central Region Forestry Teacher
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