This information was emailed out back in early January, but the actual applications were unavailable for download. The applications are now available. Those who excel in Agriscience should read the information below and download the attached applications.  Due to the delay in having applications available for download, the deadline for submitting Agriscience Student and Teacher of the Year applications has been extended to March 15.   All applications should be submitted to the State FFA Office in Athens.      - Ben




Each year the FFA offers an opportunity to recognize agricultural education students and teachers who excel in the area of Agriscience. In addition to the Agriscience Fair, and the State Star in Agrscience, there is an opportunity for students to apply to be the Agriscience Student of the Year; and for teachers to apply to be named the Agriscience Teacher of the Year. These are both nationally supported and funded awards. We will select a state winner in both the Student and Teacher categories. Those state winners will be recognized at the 83rd Georgia FFA Convention. The state winner and state runner up in the both award programs will be sent for national consideration.


For more information about the Agriscience Student and Teacher of the Year programs, including rubrics for how applications are scored, please reviewed the following websites. Applications are attached to this email.


Student info site https://www.ffa.org/Programs/Awards/AgriscienceStudent/Pages/HowtoApply.aspx

Teacher info site http://www.naae.org/awards/aty


Applications for Agriscience Student of the Year and Agriscience Teacher of the Year should be postmarked to the State FFA Office no later than March 15.


Georgia FFA Association

316 Poultry Science – UGA

Athens, GA 30602


Applications mailed after March 1, may be disqualified. Applications will not be accepted via fax or email. ***Please keep in mind that the due date listed on the National FFA site is the date that state winning applications are due to the national center. If you want to be considered, please be sure your application is mailed to the state FFA office no later than March 1.


If you have questions, please let me know. I encourage you to consider this opportunity for you and your students to be recognized for the exciting work that so many of you are doing bringing science to life in all of your agricultural education courses.




Ben Lastly

Executive Secretary

Georgia FFA Association

316 Poultry Science - UGA

Athens, GA 30602

Phone: (706) 552-4456

Fax: (706) 552-4458

Website: www.georgiaffa.org