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February 4, 2011                    
Agriculture Teachers of Area Winners
Jesse Kelley, Chris Paulk, Edmund Thrift, David Atkinson, Todd Dobson,
Paul Little, April Tankersley, Tim Boling, Casey Shumate, Ashley Denton,
Bridget Mixson, Rhonda Stone
Area Middle School Lawn Mower Operation and Maintenance Winners:
Congratulations on winning your Area FFA Middle School Lawn Mower Operation and Maintenance Career Development Event.  The next level of Competition is the State, which will be held on Friday, February 18th, at the Georgia National Fairgrounds in Perry.  Registration will begin at 12:30 pm., with the CDE beginning at 1:00 pm in the large conference room inside the Roquemore Building beside the McGill Building.
When you arrive at the fairgrounds, go through the North Gate Entrance and travel down the pavement between the Swine Barn and the McGill Building, take a right in front of the McGill building and proceed to the Roquemore Building. 
Instructions will be given in the large Roquemore conference room after the instructions we will proceed with the Career Development Event.  Awards will be presented at the State FFA Convention in April.
Please review the current Middle School Lawn Mower Operation and Maintenance CDE rules (
 with your student and bring any safety equipment needed for your student to compete.  The anticipated mower to be used will be the Husqvarna YTH21K46 Mower (visit the Husqvarna website @
to download operator's manual and for further information)   *subject to availability.
If you have questions concerning this CDE, please contact your Area mechanic’s teacher or myself.  I look forward to seeing you and your contestant on Friday, February 18th.
Von G. Peavy
Von G. Peavy
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