Below is a list of teams registered for the floriculture cde to date.
If you have a team and are not on the list please complete the online form to register your team(s) for Floriculture CDE.
Deadline for registration and t-shirt order February 10. 
$10.00 / shirt

Click Floriculture CDE to register for the junior and senior career development event.

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Attached is a photo of the floriculture cde t-shirt to show to your students.
FFA Chapter Advisor's Name Who Trained Team Area  Senior CDE Junior CDE
Arabia Mountain Joshua Rogers Area I yes No
Ashworth Middle Dixie Wyatt Area I no Yes
Bagley middle Paul Little Area I no Yes
Bowden High Ryan Ayers Area I yes Yes
Bowdon High Ryan Ayers Area I yes Yes
Floyd CCA David Warren Area I yes No
Gilmer Middle School Ashton Allen  Area I no Yes
Gladden Sarah Duckworth Area I no Yes
LaFayette Ronnie Stephens Area I yes Yes
Murray County Mike Bushey Area I yes Yes
North Murray David Bushey Area I yes Yes
Pepperell Gardner Area I yes No
Pickens High School Joe Wright Area I yes No
Ridgeland Wendy Matteson Area I yes Yes
Riverdale Sabrina Davis Area I yes Yes
Rome Middle School Chuck Nix Area I no Yes
Southeast High School Roberts Area I yes No
Temple High Ian Smith Area I yes No
Alcovy Brand Area II  yes No
Alcovy High Ben Brand Area II  yes No
Alcovy High Ben Brand Area II  yes No
Clarke Central Aaron Cavin Area II  yes No
Clarke Middle Alicia Haire Area II  no Yes
East Jackson High School Taylor Ginn Area II  yes Yes
East Jackson Middle School Micah Story Area II  no Yes
Franklin County High Gary Minyard Area II  yes Yes
Franklin County Middle Anna Bellamy Area II  no Yes
Habersham 9th Grade Academy Zack Free Area II  yes Yes
Habersham Central High School Amy Crump Area II  yes No
Hilsman Pamela Stratton Area II  no Yes
Hilsman Middle Pamela Stratton Area II  no Yes
Loganville High School Needham Area II  yes Yes
Loganville Middle School Bra Area II  no Yes
MCHS Freshman Academy FFA  Trisha Lastly Area II  yes Yes
Newton County Justin Bennett Area II  yes Yes
North Habersham Middle School Chris Hook Area II  no Yes
Oconee Middle Sandra Schempp Area II  no Yes
W R Coile Berrie Allen Area II  no Yes
W. R. Coile Berrie Allen Area II  no Yes
White County Amanda Martin Area II  yes Yes
Youth Middle Sean Bryant Area II  no Yes

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