We really had a large turn out for the Parli Pro CDE last night. The number of team that participated was way up this year.Congratulations to the first two teams in Junior and Senior that will advance to the State Competition that will be held on Super Saturday in March.
1st place- Jeff Davis Middle and advisor Nita McLeod
2nd place- Brantley Middle and advisor Krista Morris
3rd place- Berrien High and advisor Tim Meeks
1st place- Jeff Davis High and advisor Crandall Parlor
2nd place-Lanier High and advisor Ben Culpepper
other teams in order of finish
Berrien High - advisor Tim Meeks
Brantley County High- advisor Richard Gill
Clinch County- advisor Dustin Philpot
Ware High- advisor Danny Bartlett
Bradwell Institute- advisor Elizabeth Davis
Camden County- advisor Glen Gosier

Tommy Waldrop
Area Livestock Teacher
South Region Agricultural Education
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