Dear Ciliate Folk

Some of you may know that, for the past 15 years,
I have worked with a colleague at Augustana College
(Leland Johnson) to put on a summer workshop for
faculty teaching Developmental Biology out at the Darling Marine Lab
in Damariscotta Maine.  Though it is mostly younger faculty who are just
getting their game on, we always hook an able veteran or two as well. 

The workshop is a delightful way for faculty to broaden their
familiarity with model organisms in a way that enhances their
laboratory teaching experience.  We provide coverage of 
sea urchins, Drosophila, Chick embryos and a variety of invertebrates
(even ciliates!).  This year, SDB (The Society of Developmental
Biologists) awarded us a grant to bring in a guest, Steven Black from
Reed College who will share techniques for working with amphibians.
(Some fun Spemann-esque hands-on surgeries and ways to image
early amphibian development).  We cover a host of microscopy techniques
as well. 

Participants share from their own areas of expertise, and we always
come away with lots of great new ideas for the teaching laboratory.
The workshop culminates in a lovely Lobster dinner!

If you know of any faculty (young or young-at-heart) who might value
this workshop, please pass this message on.  Past participants have ranked
this as a very powerful and positive way to impact their teaching.  We currently
have four slots available!

Best wishes
Eric S. Cole
Grace Whittier Chair and Professor of Biology
St. Olaf College
1520 St. Olaf Ave.
Northfield, MN  55057