Please contact this parent if you can help with a pig for their "kiss the pig" event this Friday!  

Hi - We received a phone call from Kelly Adams, she is the President of the PTA at Huntley Hills Elementary in Chamblee (off 285).  They need a small pig for a kiss the pig contest.  She was hoping they could get an FFA member to bring a pig in for the kiss the pig winner on April 1st.  If you can help or know of anyone in your area who could help her, please contact her as soon as possible.  They don't want to keep the pig - they just need it for a few minutes.  Maybe one of your chapters could use this as a community service opportunity???   Thank you.  Please let me know if you are able to help her. 
Kelly Adams
PTA President - Huntley Hills Elementary, Chamblee, GA
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Christa Steinkamp
North Region - Area Livestock Teacher
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706.552.4463 ofc

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