Today, March 7, is the kickoff to the Monsanto Chapter Challenge program. Georgia is one of seven states selected to participate in this year’s pilot event. Monsanto went through the National FFA Foundation, seeking ways to impact more local FFA chapters with direct funds. If you will take a few minutes and read this material, it may be that your chapter can win $1,500 or a free trip to the National FFA Convention for 1 advisor and 6 students!


To insure that you keep reading, please know that you are NOT being asked to sell anything! Monsanto’s only request are that you:


-make contact with local farmers in your community,

- share with the farmers the things going on in your local chapter,

- have the farmers share about their enterprise with your students, and then

- ask them to go online and vote for your chapter.


The ten chapters with the most votes in Georgia will each receive $1,500. The chapter with the most votes in the nation will receive a free trip to the 84th National FFA Convention this next October.


Please click on the link below to learn more about this opportunity!




Before you can receive a vote, please be sure to register your chapter. Registration should take no more than 3 minutes, and must be done online at the link above. Included on the link is a chapter Tool Kit you should use in your preparation and carry out of this program. You will notice on the above link that votes are counted in real time. At the time that I’m sending this email, the state of Indiana already has an early lead with 12 votes!


The deadline to receive votes is May 1, so get started today! If you have questions, do not hesitate to give me a call.




Ben Lastly

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