Please let this serve as a reminder that Area Officer Applications are due in the South Region Office by April 1st.  


You will find the application attached as well as the South Region Election Rules and Regulations.    We have had excellent participation in the elections in the past resulting in superior officer teams.  Please help us to continue this tradition by sharing this opportunity with your students that meet the requirements. 


Elections will take place during the Area Teachers meetings on April 12 for area V and April 14 for area VI.  Please remember that each chapter has the opportunity to bring 2 voting delegates for the elections.



Thanks in advance for your help in this matter!  Von

Von G. Peavy
South Region
Area Mechanics Teacher
Georgia Department of Education
Office of Agricultural Education
Tifton, GA    31794
Phone: 229-386-3868
Fax: 229-391-6838