The South Region Agricultural Education Office would like to congratulate all FFA members submitting proficiency applications. After reviewing 109 proficiency applications, 40 of 47 proficiency categories were determined to have a Regional Winner.

All rosters have been checked and Mr. Ben Lastly has given approval for this announcement. Mr. Lastly will announce all state finalists by March 4th. All regional winners will become state finalist.

For official placings, please visit Justin Sealy’s portal. The 2011 South Region Proficiency Results are posted in the Proficiency Application Resource section.

***Note: Several applications, 18 in all, were designated as DNF. DNF = Does Not Fit the Category. If you have questions regarding this, please call Justin Sealy.

Again, thanks for all you do and please let us know if we can ever be of assistance.

W. Justin Sealy
Area Forestry Teacher
Georgia Department of Education