Attention:  Teachers with students entered in the State Agriscience Fair

Registration Confirmation
I am attaching a copy of the students I have registered in the Agriscience Fair!  Each page is separated in to the specific category / division your student is entered.  Please call or e-mail me if you don't see a student listed in the correct division or category.  I will have two judges to judge each page.  

Appointment Times****new
I have assigned appointment times this year to help keep the contest flow.  As you will notice, we will try to keep each interview at 10 minutes or less.   Please make sure your student is at least 30 minutes early to their respective interview times.  As you know, some students will talk less than others, and there is a possibility that the judges for your student may be running ahead of schedule.  If you have a conflict with another activity going on at the same time, please let me know ahead of time, so we can make special arrangements.  This schedule is tentative.  I will post a final interview time schedule in the Monument room on Thursday & Friday, for you to check. 

Project Display
All displays should have the following information visible on the exhibit, preferably in the upper right hand corner of the display:
• Name of person(s) responsible for developing the project
• Chapter name, state
• Title of category entered
• Division entered (I, II, III, or IV)

Please review rules for display size requirements.  

Rules / Scoring Rubric
I am also attaching a copy of the rules and scoring rubric ... please review them before coming to Convention. 

Please feel free to call or e-mail me with questions or concerns.  Thank you!  

Enjoy your weekend!

Christa Steinkamp
North Region - Area Livestock Teacher
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706.552.4463 ofc

Students are the living messages we send into the future that we will never see.