Fellow Agricultural Education Teachers, 
As you are aware, the 83rd State FFA Convention is taking place next week 
(April 28-30).  The convention continues to grow from year to year, and we 
anticipate another successful event in 2011. Your preparation, 
participation, and assistance are more critical now than ever before. 

Attached you will find very important assignments regarding courtesy 
corps, the state convention committee, and advisor responsibilities during 
the convention.  The State Convention is a life changing experience for 
many of the young people involved.  Your active involvement will play a 
vital role in making this positive difference.  I realize this is a very 
busy time of year, but please take the time to read the following 
information and view the attachments carefully. 

If for any reason you will be unable to fulfill any of the 
responsibilities to which you are assigned at the convention, please 
notify Ben Lastly, FFA Executive Secretary at 706-552-4456 immediately. 

2011 State FFA Convention Reminders 
Registration was due to the State FFA Convention Registration office in 
Athens on April 8, 2011. If you have not submitted your registration at 
this time, please plan to register onsite in Macon. Remember that the fee 
to register onsite is $35 per person. Everyone planning to attend the 
convention must be registered. Due to security reasons, it is very 
important that everyone is wearing an official State FFA Convention button 
or name tag during the convention. Registration for the convention will be 
held from 12:00--6:00 p.m. on Thursday, April 28 in the Arena 
Pre-Function.  Please have copies of the Medical Authorization form 
completed prior to leaving school. 
Available at the registration desk will be concert tickets for $20 each, 
and copies of the 2011 FFA Theme DVD (Infinite Potential) for $5 each. 
Medical Authorization Form 
Please find attached a medical authorization form. Each student who 
registers for the convention will be required to have a form on file with 
the convention registration team. The teacher should also maintain a copy 
for school files. Please complete and duplicate the form prior to leaving 
school. It is not necessary to turn the medical forms in at the 
registration desk; We simply ask that you have them with you in Macon so 
that should an accident occur, we have the necessary medical information 
for every student. 
Official Dress 
Prior to leaving your school please make sure that all members have 
complete official dress for the entire convention. It is especially 
important for those members who will be receiving awards and/or degrees to 
be in complete and proper official FFA dress. Please address this issue 
with your students as it relates to wearing blue jeans, khakis, white 
socks, hats, and tennis shoes. It is our desire to maintain convention 
dress at a high level of professionalism. This includes the Career Show. 
When your students are at the Convention Center, please be sure that they 
portray the professional image of the state FFA convention. 
Appropriate Dress of Adults 
The appropriate dress for teachers and others who attend the convention is 
professional dress. This includes coats and ties for gentlemen and a 
dress, nice pants suit, or skirt and blouse for ladies. Please help us 
maintain this standard of professionalism during the convention. 
Courtesy Corps 
The Courtesy Corps has been organized to provide additional assistance and 
direction for the convention. The Courtesy Corps will meet with assigned 
students and teachers at 4:30 p.m. on Thursday, April 28 in the Arena. All 
teachers assigned duties and responsibilities should be in attendance to 
review the requirements and duties of the Courtesy Corp. All other 
teachers are highly encouraged to be in attendance. As a verification 
measure, please check the attached Courtesy Corps assignment sheet to 
determine if one of your members is assigned. 
Advisor Roles and Responsibilities - Assignment Sheet 
 Advisor responsibilities for convention are included with the courtesy 
corps attachment.  Please read them carefully and familiarize yourself 
with your responsibilities during the convention.  If you will not be able 
to fulfill your responsibility for any reason, please let Ben Lastly know 
immediately. As well as assigned responsibilities, please be aware of what 
is happening around you, adopt a neighborhood watch manner of thinking, 
and maintain a security watch at all times. With your cooperation and 
help, the convention will be a great experience for everyone involved. 
Every teacher on this list should attend the Courtesy Corps meeting. 
Food Drive 
Please remember to bring food for the FFA Convention Food Drive.  All food 
can be dropped off on Thursday at the south side entrance of the Edgar 
Wilson Convention Center (facing I-16) on Thursday afternoon from 1:00 
p.m. ? 5:00 p.m. There will be a truck from the Food Bank parked outside 
the Convention Center. Please place your food items in the truck to have 
them counted and checked in. All food collected will go to the Middle 
Georgia Community Food Bank. Again this year we ask that you make an 
effort to bring jars of peanut butter! 
State FFA Convention Committee 
Please review the attached State Convention Committee assignments. Insure 
that students participate in their committee meeting Friday at 12:30 p.m. 
in  Room 324. 
State Staff Assignments 
If you need information about a specific activity at the Convention, or 
need to know who to contact about a particular situation, please be aware 
of the following staff assignments and superintendent roles. 
Proficiency Interviews ? Dr. D.J. Sheppard 
Star Interviews ? David Turner 
CDEs ? Von Peavy 
Sr. Prepared Public Speaking ? John Wilkinson 
Jr. Prepared Public Speaking ? Sidney Bell 
Creed Speaking ? Melissa Riley 
Extemporaneous Speaking ? Dr. Teri Hamlin 
FFA Quiz ? Eddie McKie 
Ag Sales ? John Allen Bailey 
Discussion Meet ? Tommy Waldrop 
Marketing Plan ? Ricky Wheeler 
Agriscience Fair ? Christa Steinkamp 
Woodworking ?Kevin Jump 
Alumni Convention ? Stan Mitchell 

Please keep in mind that we all have a responsibility for the success of 
the convention and not just a responsibility to carry out the duties we 
are assigned. This is especially true in managing and supervising our own 
students as well as providing a safe and secure environment for all 
students. Everyone should join together to see that students are where 
they should be when they should be. Simply checking to see that your 
students are in the convention hall and are seated and acting 
appropriately will go a long way in improving the overall success of the 
convention. Also, teachers should be in attendance in the convention hall 
to assist with crowd control, to greet guests, and to maintain a safe 
environment for all students. All teachers should help identify special 
guests and assist them in getting to the correct location. 

Thanks again for everything that you do to provide opportunities for your 
students. Lets have a GREAT Convention!!!

John (Chip) Bridges
Program Manager, Agricultural Education
Georgia Department of Education
1752 Twin Towers East
Atlanta, GA 30334
Phone: 404.657.8311
Fax: 770.344.4411
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