Please read the following email from Mrs. Lastly regarding the Area II teachers meeting:
Some things for the AREA II Meeting!

Our school gets out at 3:30 so PLEASE donít show up before then! One of our middle school students died on Friday and his mother teaches at our High School. We may actually have LOTS of traffic her in little Danielsville town because the ceremony is right across the street from the Ag Center grounds, which is very close to the Freshman Academy.

Teachers will need to park in the front of the Freshman Academy school, yes itís the old middle school, and enter through the front doors of the school, where you see the big red Freshman Academy letters. There will be children there to show the way to my room, where we hold the meeting. PLEASE do not enter through the back or side entrances thatís where the buses will be as well as pick up and various other activities will be going on too!

The school is very easy to find just google it or put it in your handy dandy GPS OR your phone can most likely tell you the directions! However, if anyone needs me please call at 229-894-0507.

Thanks and see you soon!


Stan Mitchell
North Region Coordinator
Agricultural Education
204 Four Towers
University of Georgia
Athens, Ga. 30602
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