Check out this exciting new initiative the National FFA Foundation will be
launching with Tractor Supply Company and which will also benefit FFA
Alumni. Tractor Supply has designed a Change for the Future fundraising
campaign whereby TSC customers will be asked to donate to the FFA in
exchange for an FFA paper emblem that will be displayed in the store. One
hundred percent of the proceeds will be returned back to FFA with a portion
going to local FFA chapters, state and national foundation.

In order to make sure this is an easy and well received initiative for all,
Tractor Supply has chosen to test pilot this exclusively in seven states *June
10-19, 2011 All Tractor Supply stores in *Texas, New York, Tennessee,
Minnesota, *Georgia,* West Virginia, and Oklahoma will be participating in
this program. Customers may choose to donate to the program in any 25 cent
increment. However, a minimum donation of $1 is encouraged.

Tractor Supply is not asking for any specific involvement from the state
FFA/Alumni or local chapter/affiliate. However, you may feel free to spread
word of this program any way you see fit.  In addition, local chapters and
Alumni affiliates are always welcomed and encouraged to reach out to their
local Tractor Supply store for any reason. Tractor Supply will be promoting
the program through in-store signage and directly through sales associates.

National FFA will distribute the checks to all appropriate parties at the
conclusion of the campaign (local chapters, state foundations, national
foundation and national FFA Alumni will each benefit from this program). As
this is the first year and a tight turnaround, we cannot easily estimate
revenues. However, we are confident this will be a worthwhile program for
all that is sure to grow in future years.

If this pilot is successful, Tractor Supply will strongly consider
implementing this program nationwide in 2012. The plan is that a nationwide
campaign would run once annually, likely in June each year.

So check with your local Tractor Supply Store and begin encouraging folks in
your area to donate!

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