I am pleased to announce that Mr. Alan Nasworthy will be joining the State
Agricultural Education Staff as the Camp Manager at Camp John Hope. Mr.
Nasworthy has been the Agriculture teacher at Locust Grove High school in
Henry County for two years.  In his first year he was named teacher of the
year for Locust Grove High and he was the runner-up for the Georgia
Agriscience teacher of the year this year. He has many years of camp
counselor experience and has the knowledge to develop some outstanding
educational programs. I am confident you will some great activities planned
at CJH in the very near future. Mr. Nasworthy will begin his duties on July
1st. I hope you will join me in welcoming him to this new role.

Please contact Mr. Nasworthy if you like to use CJH for you officer training
this summer or fall.  There are two newly renovated cabins, a new low
element leadership course and a paint ball course built this summer by the
Agriculture Education Mechanics team with the help from several teachers and
students.  Please contact Allen Nasworthy or Norman Gay to back your

Thank you.

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