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June 8, 2011

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Sunbelt Ag Expo
October 18-20, 2011
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grand prize field day 2011
Grand Prize, 2011 Field Day

Trams depart starting at 8:30 and a complimentary lunch is served at 12:15. Register before8:15a.m. for a chance to win a $100 early bird cash prize. Grand Prize and Door Prize Giveaways. Every attendee receives an Expo cap.

More info. 229.985.1968 or www.sunbeltexpo.com

There was a time when farming involved seed, soil, hard work and favorable weather from Mother Nature. All of the above is still important for a successful crop, but technology is playing an increasing role in agriculture. If you are a farmer or associated with agriculture in any way, mark your calendars for Sunbelt Ag Expo Field Day. Scheduled for Thursday, July 7 at Spence Field in Moultrie, site of the Sunbelt Expo, Field Day is an event that you could benefit from attending. Field day gives farmers and the public a chance to see research projects in progress and talk with the researchers involved in the experiments. But it also provides the opportunity to view the latest in modern agriculture.


Trimble Navigation, a leader in GPS technology and precision agriculture, will be on site to demonstrate their latest technology, "Connected Farm", a new system of software and communication services that takes farm management efficiency to the next level by combining precision farming information collected in the field with data management software and cell phone technology.


field day 2Irrigation Technology is a key factor in the success of many farming operations, especially in drought prone areas. Visitors to this year's Field Day will see some high tech initiatives geared at combining irrigation and the internet in order to save farmers time and money and streamline their operations. Mike Mills with Reinke Irrigation says, "We know there are significant advantages by tying high-speed internet and our irrigation systems. That serves the purposes of conserving water, conserving energy, and it increases the yield." The Flint River Basin Partnership will showcase two emerging irrigation water management technologies: remote soil moisture monitoring and variable rate irrigation. Both technologies are currently deployed on working farms throughout southwest Georgia, and are available across Georgia through the USDA NRCS Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP). Both practices utilize cutting-edge technology to improve the efficiency of irrigation water use. Remote soil moisture monitoring (RSMM) improves efficiency by identifying precise periods of time in which a farmer can irrigate less by using objective field data such as soil moisture, soil temperature, crop growth stage and localized ET. Variable rate irrigation (VRI) improves efficiency by removing non-crop areas from irrigation; coordinating application amounts with variations in soil type and field topography; and, eliminating double application due to pivot overlap. VRI was developed by a team of researchers at the University of Georgia.


fieldday 4Two crops that hold the potential for alternate energy: switch grass and miscanthus, are in their third and second years respectively as demonstration crops. Researchers are studying the potential of these grasses as ethanol base products. Miscanthus, in particular, will be easy to spot. It is a high-yielding, noninvasive perennial grass native to Asia.


Visitors will get the chance to preview Expo's first ever organic demonstration plot. The two acre plot will feature an acre of peanuts and an acre of pearl millet with a rye cover crop over the winter. This field trial will demonstrate organic weed and pest management strategies developed at the Coastal Plain Experiment Station in Tifton as part of a long-term collaborative research effort among the USDA-ARS, University of Georgia, and Georgia Organics. Representatives from these institutions will be on hand to discuss incentives opportunities fielday1available to producers through the Organic EQIP (Environmental Quality Incentives Program). In addition, The University of Georgia Peanut Team is conducting a research trial comparing eight runner-type peanut cultivars for their response to single and twin row planting patterns. Five currently available cultivars and three newly released cultivars were planted in late April and will be on display. Peanut producers have a lot to be excited about in regards to peanut cultivar selection. The peanut breeding programs at the University of Georgia, USDA-ARS, and the University of Florida have developed and recently released cultivars that provide producers with a higher yield plateau compared to the old standard, Georgia Green. Early results indicate these new cultivars can, on average, yield 500 - 1,000 pounds per acre more than Georgia Green.


fielday3Field Day will also include a look at the latest varieties of cotton, corn and soybeans. Feed grains and corn are the most widely grown crops in the U.S. Despite high stockpiles, supplies for corn remain tight because of its use for fuel production. All of the companies that sell corn hybrids have new and improved varieties that will be on display. The recent increase in cotton futures has generated some renewed interest in cotton in the Southeast and companies are excited to show some of the improved varieties they have. The University of Georgia Cotton Team will discuss experiments across several disciplines including soil fertility, weed management, entomology and plant growth management.


Although tractors are not typically on display during Field Day, visitors will have a chance to see the latest technology for high-horsepower tractors for the future. New Holland will preview its new T8 Series tractor at Field Day. The T8 Series tractors give you the speed and stability of a long wheelbase with the agility of a short wheelbase. You get more power with less noise and fuel, higher speeds with better maneuverability, increased technology with simpler operation. The result: you cover more acres in a day and save both time and money. With the price of diesel so expensive and the cost of all farm inputs up so much from recent years, looking at more environmental friendly, fuel efficient and precise tractors will likely be of interest to growers attending Field Day.

Save the Date:

34th Annual Sunbelt Ag Expo ~ October 18-20, 2011

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