Dirr’s Tree and Shrub Finder is the most comprehensive, authoritative, and
interactive directory to trees and shrubs. With extensive search criteria
and detailed text by woody plant expert Dr. Michael A. Dirr, users can
quickly and easily find the perfect plant for any situation. Ideal for
landscape designers, horticulture professionals, students, and plant

•      Content is based on the most trusted and acclaimed source of woody
plant information, The Manual of Woody Landscape Plants by Michael A. Dirr

•      Includes over 9,400 woody plants: Nearly 1,700 species, and 7,800

•      72 search criteria, including hardiness zones, water and light
requirements, growth characteristics, flowers, fruits, and fall color help
users identify plants for specific uses.

•      Displays search results in common or botanical name

•      7,600 beautiful, high resolution, full color photos detail multiple
habits, seasonal color, leaf details, bark, buds, and fruit.

•      More than 1,120 line drawings of leaf and bud characteristics

•      Includes pinch and zoom feature for all photos and line drawings

•      Each species includes 21 fields of detailed text from Michael Dirr,
including: Leaves, Buds, Stem, Size, Hardiness, Habit, Growth Rate, Texture,
Bark, Leaf Color, Flowers, Fruit, Culture, Diseases and Insects, Landscape
Value, detailed cultivar information, Propagation, Native Habitat, Related
Species, and Additional Notes.

•      Browse full plant library by common or scientific name. Additional
browse categories include: Trees, Shrubs, Vines, and Groundcovers.

•      Create customized plant lists through the Favorites feature, or email
Dirr’s insightful and comprehensive text, photos and line drawings to build
a specialized list independent of the app.

Dirr’s Tree and Shrub Finder is the most comprehensive tree and shrub
directory available, covering over 9,400 woody plants, with 7600
high-quality plant images. The plant database is searchable by 72 criteria,
including hardiness zones, water and light requirements, growth
characteristics, flowers, fruits, and fall colors. The app offers the latest
and most reliable information on woody landscape plants for the landscape
professional and the home gardener alike in an inexpensive and accessible

•     Available now from iTunes.

•     Price: $14.99

•     Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1.3 or

•     Not currently available on other platforms.

•     For more information, visit:

Information and images provided by Timber Press. Reprinted with permission.

A professor of horticulture at the University of Georgia, Michael A. Dirr is
a legend in the horticultural world and has tremendous energy for teaching
about plants, writing about plants, and especially for growing plants.

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