Last Thursday I sent you an email letting you know that the Georgia Agricultural Education web site was not accessible and that it would be back up on Friday. The web site became operational again last Friday morning.

I have received a call and an email from a teacher who can not access the web site. If you are having the same problem please continue reading this email.

Last Friday we relocated our web site to a server operated by Criderweb. Our web site in now on a secure server. With this move the physical location of the web site has changed. Your web browser has files where it stores data when you visit a web site. When you type in a web address for a web site that you have previously visited your computer will automatically look for the site in the same location that it found it the last time that you visited the site. If you are typing in the address or using your bookmarks to access and can not access the web site then you need to clear your browser history.

For Internet Explorer click on Tools followed by Internet options. In the Browsing History section click on Delete. This will clear the Browser History. Once this is completed you can then type in the web address and should be able to access the site.

For Firefox click on Tools and then click on Clear Recent History. One this is complete you should be able to access the site.

If this does not correct the problem for you there is another option. Type in this address:  Once you are there look in the top of the left-hand column and click on Ag Ed Home. This should get you to the new site location and should save the new location in your browser history.

If you have any problems please let me know.


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