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I was notified by Khara Strum that the link I gave for the English version of the survey is wrong, which is indeed so! The correct link for english version is now given below.

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Subject: Hunting on Migratory and Wintering Shorebird Populations in Latin
America and the Caribbean

Legal and illegal hunting of shorebirds occurs throughout their
annual ranges.  However, shorebird biologists generally lack adequate
information to determine if hunting pressure could negatively affect shorebirds
at a population level.  

To begin to unravel this complex question, we are seeking
any information on shorebird hunting throughout Latin America and the Caribbean
and hope you can help us out. The survey will only take a few minutes of your

All sources will be kept confidential.  

Thank you for your interest!

Brad Andres (USFWS), David Wege (BirdLife-Caribbean), Anthony Levesque (SCSCB)
and Arne Lesterhuis (BirdLife-Americas)