Due to CDE credentialing, the South Region ENR CDE (to be conistent with other regions) will also include a GPS Practicum. More info is listed below.


The Environmental Natural Resources CDE is designed to develop an understanding of our state’s natural resources, while allowing students to explore and prepare for possible careers in Natural Resources and Environmental Science.


The Environmental/Natural Resources CDE is a four-person team event. This event is open to students in grades 9-12 who are agricultural education students, and are paid members of a chartered FFA chapter. Each student’s name must appear on the chapter’s FFA roster at least 10 days prior to competition above the chapter level.


During the Area CDEs, teams will complete a team activity (multiple choice test), GPS Practicum, and an identification practicum.


The team activity will consist of a written exam and/or problem solving stations. All four team members may work together as a team and discuss questions to come up with the solution. New Rule Change: The team activity score will count one time towards the team score.


The theme for 2012 is Ecosystems. Testing material can be found at www.gaaged.org. Click on New GPS Pathway / Curriculum, then “Supplemental Courses,” Ecosystems is unit 3 of the Natural Resources Mgmt Curriculum.


Students should bring a 12 channel GPS unit with them to the CDE.  I would suggest that each team have at least 2 units and extra batteries. The map datum needs to be set on NAD83 and the coordinate system should be set to degrees/minutes/seconds. If your particular unit breaks the seconds down to tenths of seconds, that is OK.  They will need to always set the tenths to 0(zero). 


The students will be given the first latitude and longitude of the first placard they are to locate.  When they arrive at this point there will be a card stapled to the placard that has a number that corresponds to the first location point they were to find. 


There will also be a scientific name of one of the trees listed on the Identification portion of the CDE. They need to copy this down on their answer sheet and they look and see what number the card tells them to go to next.  This number will be the second location point.  The latitude and longitude for this point will be listed under the point number.  They will enter this into their GPS and locate it.


They will repeat this process until they find four (4) points.  After finding and recording the 4th point they will return to the starting station.  At the starting station, they will need to write in the Common Names of the trees they located.  Time will end when they turn their paper in.  Please remember that this is a timed event.  They have 30 minutes to find all 4 and write the common names.  Two points will be deducted for each minute over 30 that it takes them to complete this portion of the CDE.  Time will be called after 45 minutes. 


The identification practicum will consist of 50 items. Each item will count as 2 points.  Students may be required to identify the item from the actual sample, a mounted or preserved sample, a photograph, a written description or a sign of the item, such as track or a fruit or cone. A word bank will be provided to students at the competition.


For official rules, please visit:

www.gaaged.org – Updated rules will be available soon.


Area V & VI ENR CDE will be held on Thursday September 15, 2011 at the Irwin County CASE Farm. The event will begin at 4:30pm.


Please call or email if you have questions.


If you would like to compete in the event, please let me know by Monday September 12th.

W. Justin Sealy
Area Forestry Teacher
South Region Agricultural Education