The following chapters from the* 8th Edition* of Modern Livestock and
Poultry Production will be used to make the management exams for both the
Area and State Senior Livestock CDE's for this year.

Chapter 3- Safety in Livestock Production
Chapter 7- Feed Additives and Hormone Implants
Chapter 11- Biotechnology in Livestock Production
Chapter 13- Breeds of Beef Cattle
Chapter 14- Selection and Judging of Beef
Chapter 19- Marketing Beef
Chapter 20- Breeds of Swine
Chapter 21- Selection and Judging of Swine
Chapter 22- Feeding and Management of Swine
Chapter 27- Feeding, Management, and Housing of Sheep

*Please note that we have changed to the 8th edition this year, not the 7th
that we used in previous years.*

If you have questions please call your Area Livestock Teacher.

Tommy Waldrop
Area Livestock Teacher
South Region Agricultural Education
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