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Georgia Goat Point Program

Enroll you Georgia Goat Exhibitors in this youth recognition program by SEPTEMBER 15, 2011 and they will receive credit for the point shows they have participated in to date.    

Information on the program is included in this email.  Please email the enrollment form so your email can be added to the point newsletter.  A new GGPP webpage is in development, but is not available today. 

As soon as your enrollment fee is received, your points will calculated and your personal copy of the point standing news letter will be emailed to you.

See where you stand in the OVERALL point system each week.

See a list of shows supporting junior goat exhibitors.

See the Showmanship standing each week.

Promote Goats and Georgia youth goat shows.

Contact for more information:

Jary Douglas             [log in to unmask]                 706-583-8921

Larry Varnadoe        [log in to unmask]         229-873-2359

Tommy Waldrop     [log in to unmask]    229-326-3053

Georgia Goat Point Program (GGPP)


The following point system was establishe in an attempt to:

A   Promote the exhibition of club goats

B    Increase participation in goat showmanship

C    Recognize and reward successful Georgia 4-H and FFA club goat exhibitors  


1.     Participating exhibitors will pay a $5 “goat nomination fee” on each goat they want to be eligible to receive points.  This one-time per show season fee makes an exhibitor eligible to earn points on a specific goat.  This eligibility remains in effect for the exhibitor nominating the goat through the State Meat Goat Show.  100% of the goat nomination fees will be used to fund the Georgia Goat Point Program. 

2.     This goat nomination fee must be paid prior to the start of the approved show in which the exhibitor wants to receive points.  If a nomination fee is paid after the start of an approved show, that goat will be eligible to earn points in the next approved show in which they are exhibited.  

3.     Each participating exhibitor will earn points on their highest point goat (1 head) at each approved show. 

4.     Points will be awarded as follows:

Grand Champion                                                                                        15 points

Reserve Grand Champion                                                                        14 points

Div Champions, not selected as Grand or Res Champion               13 points

Res Division Champions, not selected as Res Grand                         12 points

Class winners, not selected as Division Champion or Reserve       10 points

2nd place class winners, not selected as Res Div Champ                    9 points

3rd place in class                                                                                            8 points

4th place in class                                                                                            7 points

 5th place in class                                                                                           6 points

All remaining class exhibitors receive                                                     5 points  

5.      Points are not dependent upon class size, and divisions are not required (but suggested) by the point system.  If divisions are not selected, then those points will not be awarded in that approved show.


6.     Showmanship classes will be divided by the exhitor’s upcoming grade in school (class as of Fall or 2011)and the top 5 showmen in each grade will receive points. (1st=5 points, 2nd=4 points, 3rd =3 points, 4th = 2 points, and 5th = 1 point) regardless of class breaks.  All exhibitors enteing the showmanship class will receive 0.5 points.

7.     For a show to be approved and award points in the GGPP system, that show pays a $50 “approved show eligibility fee” one week prior to last day entries are accepted for the show to allow notification to exhibitors.  All show eligibility fees will be used to fund this point program.

8.     Each exhibitor may count any five shows on the GGPP approved list and The State Meat Goat Show at the Georgia National Fair which serves as the sixth show for each exhibitor and the state results will be used to break ties.

9.     AWARDS:                                                                                                                

a.     The basis of the program divides the exhibitors into 3 age divisions: Junior (1-4 grades), Intermediate (5-8 grades), and Senior (9-12 grades).

b.     The top ten exhibitors in each division will be presented a “TOP TEN ” award.  Points for all six shows will be used to determine ranking.

c.       “TOP TEN SHOWMANSHIP” awards will be presented in each division.

d.     The “TOP TEN OVERALL GGPP EXHIBITOR” will be presented to the exhibitor with the highest composite total of individual goat points and showmanship added together.

e.     SPONSORS to support the point system will be solicited and 100% of those donated monies will be used to subsidize the funds available in the point system.   The awards will be determined when the total dollars supporting the GGPP is determined.        

All shows on the Approved Point Show List must be open to entire state and may not limit entries.  Any show desiring to have a Georgia Goat Point Program approved show should contact Jary Douglas  706-583-8921 or email [log in to unmask].



Current 2011 Approved Georgia Goat Point Program Shows

Show                                                 Date               Contact                     telephone #  

Heartbeat of the Hills Classic       August 13     Amanda Martin      770-601-0328       

So Showdown Goat Show           August 13     Wade Ethridge        229-891-4225

 LJT Bulldog Bonanza                     August 20     Jary Douglas                        706-583-8921

Georgia Young Farmers               August 26     Nic Moody               706-716-0381

Gwinnett County Fair                   Sept, 15        Gary Farmer                        770-963-6522

Colquitt County Goat Show       

Georgia National Fair                   


10.                         Points received from approved shows will be posted the following Monday by Jary Douglas. Douglas will post points for the first year.

11.                         An awards ceremony will be held to recognize winners.

12.                          It is proposed that all communication regarding the Georgia Goat Point Program will be conducted by email to reduce costs to the program.

13.                         The 2011 Georgia Youth Club Goat Point Program will be overseen by Jary Douglas, Tommy Waldrop, and Larry Varnadoe. 

14.                         All questions, concerns and suggestions should be emailed to [log in to unmask]   The oversight committee will review any issues and a response will be provided as soon as the committee can confer.  


GGPP Youth Membership Form

2011 Show Season


Exhibitors name _______________________

Address                _______________________



4-H/FFA Organization ___________________


Email address  _________________________


Grade in School Fall of 2011 ______________


Goats nominated (state tag required)

            State tag #                    wether/doe

            ___________                ___________

            ___________                ___________

            ___________                ___________


Email completed form to [log in to unmask]


Mail check payable to GGPP for $5 per goat to


Jary Douglas, 425 River Road, Athens, GA 30602                  


Tommy Waldrop
Area Livestock Teacher
South Region Agricultural Education
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