Agweb Releases New Tool to View Real-Time Corn Harvest Results

From row crop farmers to commodity traders and end users, the entire agriculture industry is keenly interested in this year's corn harvest.

To view it, go: AgWeb

To help farmers track actual results, AgWeb introduces the interactive Corn Harvest Map to give users and followers a chance to see real-time corn harvest results from across the country.

"This year, more than ever, the world is watching the U.S. corn harvest," says Greg Vincent, AgWeb editor. "We have a worldwide grain shortage and the markets will react to rumors of poor or great yields, bringing wild swings. This tool allows farmers to obtain accurate and timely information in one convenient location.

"This is something that has not been available to them in the past and it gives them the ability to have the same information as the USDA and the grain trade, without waiting for monthly USDA reports."

The Corn Harvest Map shows, by color, the average yields for a given state and county, based on data provided by AgWeb users throughout the harvest season. It resembles a stock heat map, but rather than stock values, the value on this map is yield results. The colors change based on the actual yield results that farmers report to AgWeb.

Farmers enter the average yield per acre they've received, the total acres that yield comes from and their ZIP code. The information is not attributed to any single farm or farmer, but is aggregated by state and county to create a visual picture of yields. Selecting a specific state allows the user to see the county-by-county yield average in that state.

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