Teachers last year we taped the floral design training and the competition.

Thanks to Marcus Pollard, Mr. Videomaker and UGA Graduate student, we have
three videos to help you and your students prepare for the floral design

One video highlights the competition itself so that students are able to
have an idea as to what is expected of them on the day of the competition.
 The other two videos are specific to the junior and senior levels and
demonstrates some of the skills that are going to be expected of them.
 Teachers can access the videos through the iTunes podcast channel that we
have named "FFA Career Development Event Videos".  On this channel they can
access other videos pertaining to CDEs.  The link to subscribe to this
channel through iTunes and download all of the videos they feel are
pertinent to their chapter is:


If you wish to view the videos online ( may have to wait for the videos to
completely load/buffer), you can access the videos by clicking on these

Senior Floral Design CDE Training

Junior Floral Design CDE Training

Junior & Senior Floral Design Contest

One thing you can try to do if you want to download the videos and not mess
with iTunes is to right-click on the links provided above. Select, if you
have the option,  "Download Linked File".

Highly recommended is for teachers to learn to use iTunes because it allows
for a much better organization of the videos and you will have access to the
videos immediately once we have posted them to the channel.

Once again I want to express my BRAVO & appreciation to Marcus Pollard for
editing and creating a wonderful learning tool for classroom instruction as
well as cde preparation.

Dr. Teri Hamlin
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