The Area V Floral Design Contest was a great success yesterday.  There were
22 students that participated in Junior event and 19 students taking part in
the senior competition.  Thank you all for working with your students to
help prepare them for this event.

A special thank you to Hugh Lanier and Martin Bius for being such gracious
hosts as well as Elizabeth Beachum, Audrey Davis, and Christy Bryan for
their assistance.

Please ask your students to take a moment and send a quick thank you note to
our judges:
Ms. Beverly Cook
Annell's Flower Shop
502 North Broad Street
Cairo, GA 39828

Mr. Will Barber
Flowers by Will
PO Box 275
Donalsonville, GA 39845

Mr. William "Bill" Cooper
Flowers by Cooper
823 South Scott Street
Bainbridge, GA 39817

All results are unofficial until rosters have been checked and students
The following students will advance to the State Competition which will be
held at ABAC on Saturday, December 3rd.


1st place - Katie Beth Tucker - Colquitt County High School, Advisor Ms.
Adrienne Smith

2nd place - Kenna Rogers - Thomas County Central, Advisor Donald Dalton


1st place - Mattie Carlton - Irwin County High, Advisor Shayla Johnson

2nd place - Logan King - Pelham, Advisor David Young

Congratulations to those students earning 50% of the total possible points
for the senior competition, they are now credentialed in Floral Design.

Individual pictures were taken of each student that participated with their
design.  Those pictures as well as a press release will be emailed next
week.  Thank you again for a wonderful contest.

Yvette H. Smith
South Region Horticulture Area Teacher
Georgia Agricultural Education
ABAC 34 - 2802 Moore Highway
Tifton, GA 31793
Office Number 229.386.3213
Cell Number 912.682.2869