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Dear member of the Ciliate Molecular Biology Research Community,

At the recent FASEB Ciliate Molecular Biology meeting in Crete, a number of
us discussed the potential benefits of the Tetrahymena research community
coming together to promote specific initiatives and efforts that could
benefit the community as a whole.  To this end, we decided to establish a
Tetrahymena Strategic Planning Committee, similar in principle to the
committee that was formed prior to the Tetrahymena Genome Sequencing
Project.   This committee will be comprised of six elected members from the
Tetrahymena research community and one invited scientist who does not
currently use ciliates as a model organism.  Terms will be 4 years in
length, with half of the committee members being elected every two years.
Three of the founding members will serve two-year terms and three will serve
four-year terms.

The following nine nominees have agreed to serve on to the inaugural
Tetrahymena Strategic Planning Committee, if elected: Bob Coyne, Doug
Chalker, Ted Clark, Jim Forney, Jeff Kapler, Carolyn Price, Kazufumi
Mochizuki, Nick Stover and Mark Winey.

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Voting will close on September 26, 2011 at midnight (NYC/east coast time).
All votes will be anonymously recorded. Please vote once and only once.

Jeff Kapler