1) The Data Management book is readily available on the SPSS Community site, which is not at all infernal.  Just go to
www.ibm.com/developerworks/spssdevcentral and look in the Books and Articles section.  That isn't difficult.

2) There is a lot of material in the Help system about OMS - both in the Syntax Reference and in the help for the OMS Control Panel.

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OMS allows you to direct output that would ordinarily appear in the output
viewer to a file of some sort (e.g., to a data file, or text file, etc).
IIRC, Raynald's book has a chapter on OMS.  Unfortunately, the links to
download it on Ray's site no longer work, and you end up on that infernal
IBM site.



Salbod, Mr. Stephen wrote:
> Good morning, from NYC,
> Please forgive me, if this question seems naive: What does the OMS
> procedure in Utilities do?
> I've just got a request to interpret a syntax file that  begins with an
> OMS command. I've got the OMS chapter from the user's guide, but, I'm
> still not clear what OMS does. Any help will be appreciated.
> TIA.
> Stephen Salbod, Pace University, NYC

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