Fellow Ag. Teachers,

For a couple of weeks I have been trying to learn more about the NEW regulations proposed by the U.S. Department of Labor regarding Farm Related (Agricultural) workers -- particularly those regulations dealing with youth or child labor. I know that the NAAE (which most of us belong),  the National Association of Supervisors of Agricultural Education (NASAE), and the National FFA along with other interested groups have met and formulated a letter of concern pertaining to these new regulations.

Mrs. Allie Crockett, Ag. teacher at Burke County Middle School, recently sent me this interesting article about these new regulations. If you can take time to look over the article -- pay particular attention to the last two paragraphs -- I think you will see that there is potential for a major negative impact on our program as it relates to SAE's involving livestock. There is a place to post your comments to the U.S. Department of Labor if you feel so inclined. Most of us do not have time to read the entire document that detail the new regulations, so I leave it up to you to trust the sources from this article.


I welcome any feedback you may have on this issue. I know everyone has a BUSY October planned, but I felt this was important enough to share. Hopefully you will have time to look at the article.

As always, THANK-YOU for making a positive difference for Agricultural Education!

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