*Janet Robbins, NorthWest Whitfield* sent in this computer program idea to
use with your students to create Garden Journals:
go to

 *Catalogue your Seed Collection*
 *Track your Plantings*
 *Organise and plan out your plants* in as many gardens as you like.
 *Create a Plant Wishlist*
 *Create lists of plants and seeds you'd like to grow*, and let the seed
swap matcher find retailers and swap partners for you.
 *Write a Garden Journal*
 *Link and cross reference each journal entry* to the plantings & gardens
you are writing about.

*Other Software Available -* . Added features like data analysis and easy

*Spreadsheets-* Great for straightforward organization of information. Easy
to update and print.

*Homemade Binder with Printable Pages- *Inexpensive and practical. Can
customize it to contain what you want.,0,1876896.htmlstory?coll=orl-utility-homegarden
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