Just a few reminders about the show later this week. We will check in hogs
from 8am to 5 pm on Thursday. We are going to use the same system as we did
last year at the state show- you back up to the barn and unload and then
bring you animals to check in, with doing it this way 10 to 12 trailers can
unload at the same time. We will have three alley ways from each barn marked
and please follow the flow pattern. We will have an alley for Purebred
Gilts, Market Hogs and Commercial gilts and a return lane. We will split the
line coming onto the Fairgrounds after you cross over the bridge- If you
want to be in Sheep & Swine 2 get in the right lane- Sheep and Swine 1 get
into the left lane.

We still could use some more help during the show, if you can help go the
the following link and sign up in a spot- remember to click on another cell
after you type to save it. If you have problems just email me. There is not
a place to sign up for ring help, we will call as we need help in the ring.

If you have questions please give me a call, if you need to get in touch
with me when I am at the Fairgrounds call my cell 229.326.3053

I look forward to have a good show this weekend.

Tommy Waldrop
Area Livestock Teacher
South Region Agricultural Education
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