Thanks to all that participated in the Jr. Tree ID contest yesterday.  A special thanks goes out to Jeff Fariss,  Bill Lott and Jimmy Mock for bringing the samples to use and setting it up.  Thanks also to Justin Sealy and Jerry Taylor for their help also with set-up and registration.  The entire results for the Jr. Tree ID contest held at the Georgia National Fair can be found attached to this email.  The top 10 participants are as follows when tie-breakers were included.  

 1      Jack Crunkelton - Jefferson Co. 93 
 2      Maricela Zavala - Appling High 87 
 3      Michael Green - Brantely Co. 84 
 4      James Allen - Brantley Co.  84
 5      Trevor Rowland - Jefferson Co. 84
 6      Christian Foland - Appling High 81 
 7      Pamela Bush - Appling High  81 
 8      Kaleb Crapps- Appling High 81
 9      Jeffrey Bush - Appling Middle 81 
 10    Andrew Elder - Malcom Bridge Middle  78  

The top 2 teams were:
1st place Appling County High (Advisor Van Mills)
2nd place Jefferson County (Advisor Steven Sheram)

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Central Region Forestry Teacher
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