It's National Farm to School Month!!

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October is National Farm to School Month
Small fingers planting turnip seeds during science class. Locally grown greens, tomatoes and snap peas on the cafeteria salad bar. A classroom visit from everyone’s favorite strawberry farmer to celebrate the spring harvest and sample sweet, red fruit. October is National Farm to School Month, a time to celebrate the connections that are happening all over the country between schools and local food!

What is Farm to School Month?
In November 2010, Congress approved a resolution introduced by Representative Rush Holt (NJ) to officially designate October as National Farm to School Month. The passage of House Resolution 1655 demonstrates the growing importance and role of Farm to School programs as a means to improve child nutrition, support local economies and educate children about the origins of food. Learn more about Farm to School here.

How can I celebrate Farm to School Month? Bring a farmer or chef to school!
To celebrate the first National Farm to School Month, schools across the country will be inviting farmers and chefs to visit their school during the month of October. If you need help finding a chef or farmer in your area or advice about organizing an event, contact your National Farm to School Network State Lead.

But whether you are a food service professional, a farmer, a teacher or a food-loving family, there are plenty of ways to celebrate and get involved:

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