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Date: Tue, Oct 11, 2011 at 2:56 PM
Subject: UGA Cattlemen's Association Halloween Havoc Hay Bale Decorating
Contest and Fall Festival
To: Christa Steinkamp <[log in to unmask]>, Laura Waters <[log in to unmask]>,
Teri Hamlin <[log in to unmask]>, Charlie Wurst <[log in to unmask]>


Would you mind distributing the attached forms to local chapters, clubs, or
any contacts at elementary schools/churches?

The attachments include:

   - A *submission form* for the hay bale contest for a cash prize- more for
   local FFA chapters and 4-H clubs
   - A* flyer* about the festival -more for general elementary students

If the elementary school churches would like more details, I have a letter
of intent that I will be glad to send to them.

Thank you in advance,


Anna McIntyre
Senator, CAES
Student Ambassador, CAES
The University of Georgia
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Christa Steinkamp
North Region - Area Livestock Teacher
204 Four Towers Building, UGA
Athens, GA 30602
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