Poinsettia bracts should soon begin to color to be in full bloom by early
December and ready to sale.
Now is the time to solve any last minute problems with your plants.
If we get any more cloudy weather or your plants are staying too wet this
creates the perfect environment for botrytis on poinsettias.

Exo-Therm Termil is a smoke applied fungicide that is normally used in
commercial greenhouses to keep poinsettia bracts free of botrytis.  It
should be applied every week until plants are out the door.

Reminder: The poinsettia is in the cactus family, so allow plants to become
dry between each application of water.
Best practice at this stage is to monitor soil moisture and water plants by
Water underneath leaves to prevent stem breakage and diseases.

I've seen some poinsettias that still have whiteflies.  I think in most
cases the Marathon was applied too early.  Don't apply granular Marathon
until the plants have a good root system;  that will be about two to
three weeks after planting.

If you have whitefly problems 2-3 weeks before sale use, Distance (a very
expensive IGR) and a Marathon WP to clear up the problem.  Merit 75WP is a
form of marathon that is labeled for poinsettias in interiorscapes.
Also you could apply Whitmire fumigants as needed to control whiteflies and
If your think your poinsettias are going to finish too tall, Bonzi can be
used as a "drench" to stop the plants from stretching.  Don't use it as a
spray on the bracts.

*Competitive Sale Price
*Wrapped and Bow:
 6" plants sell for $6.00 - $8.00
10" plants sell for $15.00 - $18.00

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