The Marketing Plan CDE is designed to develop an understanding of the marketing plan process, and to allow students to explore and prepare for possible careers in agrimarketing. Students research and present a marketing plan for an agricultural product, supply, or service.It is intended as a competitive activity involving a team of three persons working for a local community agri-business to support the FFAís outreach mission.

This event is open to students in grades 9-12 who are agricultural education students, and are paid members of a chartered FFA chapter. Each member of the team must be a member of the chapter registering them, and each studentís name must appear on the chapterís FFA roster at least 10 days prior to competition above the chapter level.

For the area competition, chapters are to submit a marketing plan. There is no presentation or test. Only the plan is to be submitted.

The written plan should consist of the following:

1)††††† Analysis of the market

2)††††† Business Proposition

3)††††† Strategies and Action Plan

4)††††† Projected Budget

5)††††† Evaluation

6)†† The document should not exceed eight pages and must be ten point or larger type size

Area V Marketing Plans are due to the South Region Office by Tuesday December 6th. Area VI Marketing Plans are due to the South Region Office by Thursday December 8th. Electronic or faxed copies will not be accepted. All plans should be submitted by 5pm.

For rules, references, and samples, please visit my portal.


W. Justin Sealy
Area Forestry Teacher
South Region Agricultural Education