Fellow Ag. Teachers,

Each of you know the feeling associated with serving as a witness to
student success. Returning from the National FFA Convention, I am more
motivated and excited about the success of the Georgia Agricultural
Education Program than ever before.
Our students and teachers from this state are among the leaders in the
nation. I was so impressed with the amount of times other people commented
on how successful Georgia FFA continues to be. There was many times last
week that Georgia FFA was in the "spotlight" in a positive way. This
should never be taken for granted -- therefore, I want to express my
sincere appreciation to the GREAT students, teachers, and Ag-Ed staff
success demonstrated at the National FFA Convention. It is such an honor
to be associated with such a prestigious program and so many distinguished

Additionally, I would like to express thanks to those of you that promoted
and helped make the Titan Tire Auction at the Expo another great success.
These funds will definitely be of tremendous value to our students and are
very valuable to the Georgia FFA Foundation.

The participation from Georgia Ag-Ed programs at the Sunbelt Ag Expo each
year is also very important. I know that each Young Farmer Chapter that
participated in the Que-Fest and Young Farmer Event added to the success
of the EXPO. Those Ag-Ed students that were given the opportunity to
participate in the Sunbelt Ag. Expo surly had a great experience as well.

The State FFA Office will be sending out a new release and follow-up
report reflecting the vast accomplishments at the National FFA
Convention.. I encourage you to take time to look over this information
and join me in congratulating all of the participants reflected in this
report coming out soon from Mr. Lastly.

Please call on me at any time if I can ever help!

John (Chip) Bridges
Program Manager, Agricultural Education
Georgia Department of Education
1752 Twin Towers East
Atlanta, GA 30334
Phone: 404.657.8311
Fax: 770.344.4411
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