*What supplies do you need for spring greenhouse crops?***

*Plugs: *

There should be a minimum of 280 plants in a 288 plug tray

if you transplant plugs into the recommended Jumbo 606 cell inserts (36
plants per flat) you will end up with about 7-8 flats of plants per tray

10" Baskets: 5 plugs  / basket:  Easy Wave Petunia, Impatiens


One rooted liner per 4" or 6" pot.


*4" pot*: Zinnia, Lantana, Verbena, Mex Heather, New Guinea, Double
Impatiens, Blue Dase, Scaveola, Blue Salvia, Ajuga, Coreopsis, Dianthus,
Echinacea, Gaura, Gaillardia, Rudbeckia, Phlox, Salvia, Hypericulm, Herbs

*6" pot:* Pennisetum, Coleus, Geraniums, Sweet Potato

* *

*Container recommendation*:

606 Jumbo Insert  (100 per case)  and the TFI Web flats (tray that holds the
insert), 4", 6" green containers, 10" green hanging baskets

*soil recommendation:*  Fafard 3-B Mix, Metro 360 (3 cu ft bag)

note:  1 three cuft bag of Fafard 3-B mix will fill 18 flats,  170 four
inch pots, 45 six inch pots

*Fertilizer:* 13-2-13 Plug Special Peters Water Soluble (25 lb bag)

*Fungicide*: Terracolor or Subdue

after your plants have been transplanted and growing for a week or two
drench their soil with fungicide


Marathon for whiteflies, aphids and other sucking insects

Conserve for thrips, leafminer and worms
Cinnamite for aphids and mites
Whitmire Total Release Aerosol Generator (1 case)

Safer Soap or Sun Spray


Finale: used to control weeds in greenhouse

Roundup: control weeds outside greenhouse

*Disinfectants:* Green-Shield, Physan 20, and Triathlon, hydrogen dioxide
(ZeroTol, Oxidate), chlorine dioxide (Selectrocide) and chlorine bleach. All
these products have different properties. If possible, disinfectants should
be used on a routine basis both as part of a pre-crop clean-up program and
during the cropping cycle these chemical can also be use in your evaporative
cooling system to kill microbial slimes

GreenClean: granular product that is used to kill algae, fungi, and
disinfect greenhouse floors and benches.  It will also raise the pH level in
the soil under benches, making it harder for weed seeds to germinate.

*Misc. Items that you should have:***

1.  5" plastic stick labels and marking pens are a must have in the

2.  Water Hoses, I have found the Swan Soft & Supple Hose to hold up best in
the wear and tear of greenhouse use

3. Fogg- it  Mist Nozzles

4. Water Shut Offs ( Drams 300 brass)  stay away from the plastic ones

5. Water Breaker:  the PL 100 is a great "soft throw" water breaker

6. Water Wands: get a couple is several lengths  (available in 12", 16",
24", 36")

7.  Pesticide Application Posting Sign (must be posted anytime your are
spraying or fumigating the greenhouse)

8. Safety gear for you and your students

9. Min/Max Thermometer

10. Sprayers that are clearly marked for Herbicides and Insecticide use.

*Nursery License*:  has everyone reapplied for their license this year???

It is free and required if you are selling plants out of the greenhouse

As soon as you get your new license, laminate it and hang it in the

If you do not have an application, call 404-651-9486 (Ga Dept of

Plant Protection Agents will be stopping by to inspect your facilities
Dr. Teri Hamlin
North Region Agriculture Education
Georgia Department of Education
204C Four Towers University of Georgia
Athens, Ga 30602
706-552-4461 / 706-540-0032
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