Rosters have been checked.  The results are in!

Thank You, Thank You to the group leaders, animal movers/loaders, reason
takers, reasons line-up, officials, and clerks that helped with the contest.

I really appreciate everyone's willingness to help.

Thank you also goes to the Dublin/Laurens Recreation Department for
allowing us to use the facilities.  Thank you also to the producers who
provided the livestock.

Thank you to Mr. Corzine, Mr. Bailey, and Mrs. Riley for helping from the
Area Staff.

Thank you to Mrs. Jody Cravey from FVSU helping run the contest.

Thank you to Mr. Terry Brown, Mrs. Kasey Jackson and Mr. Reed Waldrep for
hosting us at West Laurens and helping set up the contest.

Congratulations to all teams.  The top three teams from each Area (Junior
and Senior) and any individual in the top 10 are eligible to compete at the
State Contest.  These students have been highlighted in blue.

Complete Results are attached.

*Area 3 Junior Teams and top 10 Individuals*
    1   Perry Middle  2   Perry High  3   Mary Persons    1      Skylar
Mizell Perry Middle 2      Emily Rowell Perry High 3      Aidrce Cook Perry
High 4      Lizzi Neal Perry Middle 5      Haley Woods Peach County 6
White Mary Persons 7      Haley Pulsifer Perry Middle 8      Seth Crosby Dodge
County 9      Billy Gordy Perry High 10      William Prince Upson-Lee Middle
*Area 3 Senior Teams and top 10 Individuals*
    1 Mary Persons  2 Upson-Lee High  3 Perry

  1      Sam Hopper Upson-Lee 2      Kaylee Chitwood Mary Persons 3      Clark
Molly Mary Persons 4      Will Eubanks Upson-Lee 5      Delaney Foster Perry
6      Joshua James Northside 7      Bush Kody Mary Persons 8      Joseph
Branch Manchester 9      Edward Moore Perry 10      Caroline Williams

*Area 4 Junior Teams and top 10 Individuals*
    1 Screven Middle  2 Southeast Bulloch  3 Screven High    1      Alyson
Pope Screven Middle 2      Abigail Smith Screven High 3      Laramy
Thompson Screven
Middle 4      Sam Cromley Southeast Bulloch 5      Rachel Heinemeyer Screven
High 6      Ross Williams Southeast Bulloch 7      Jefferson William Effingham
High 8      Coye Fortner Johnson County 9      Dalton Lance Southeast
Bulloch 10      Yasmine Ross Effingham High
*Area 4 Senior Teams and top 10 Individuals*
    1 Effingham County  2 Screven High  3 West Laurens    1      Haley
Cox Effingham
County 2      Micah Henry Wheeler 3      Hagan Martinson Screven High 4
Josie Barnes Portal 5      Leanna Miller Southeast Bulloch 6      Sierra
Milligan Swainsboro 7      Tayler Weaver Effingham County 8      Savannah
Tanner Johnson County 9      Zachary Weaver Screven High 10      David
Banks Southeast


Ricky Wheeler
Area Animal Science Teacher
Central Region - Agricultural Education
711 Kite Road
Swainsboro, Georgia 30401
478/289-2549 (o)
478/595-5351 (c)