Attached you will find the complete results from the contest held last Friday at the Albany Fair. I want to thank all the teachers that helped with the contest and The Albany fair for allowing us to have our contest there. Rosters have been checked and these are the official results.
Congratulations to the winning teams and we wish you good luck at the State CDE to be held on the last Saturday in March in Athens.
The top three teams and the top 10 individuals are eligible to advance to the State CDE.
The winners are:
1st place - C. A. gray Middle School and advisor Eddie Murray
2nd place - Worth Middle and advisor Alan West
3rd place - W. J. Williams and advisor Chad Bass
Top ten Individuals that were not on the top 3 Junior teams that can go to state are:
Preston Manley from Bainbridge Middle- advisor Jesse Kelly
Hannah Carroll from Crisp Middle - advisor Sallie McHugh
Branson Beasley from Pelham - advisor David Young
1st place - Colquitt County High and advisor Shawn Collins
2nd place - Thomas County central and advisor Robbie Harrison
3rd place - Tift County High and advisor Lynn Cook
Top ten Individuals that were not on the top 3 Senior teams that can go to state are:
Cole Harper from Irwin County - Advisor Ira Tucker
Shawnee Fenton from Pelham - advisor David Young


The Official Placing and cuts are:
Class 1 Breeding Gilts 3-2-1-4 - 3-3-4
Class 2 Mkt. lambs 2-3-1-4 - 1-6-3
Class 3 Steers 2-3-4-1 - 4-2-5
Class 4 Mkt. Hogs 4-1-3-2 - 2-5-3
Class 5 Mkt Goats 2-4-3-1 - 1-1-7
Class 6 Heifers 3-4-1-2 - 1-5-3
Use the tabs at the bottom of the excel sheet to go between Junior and Senior.
I should have a press release on my portal tomorrow.

Tommy Waldrop
Area Livestock Teacher
South Region Agricultural Education
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