The Albany Fair Floriculture and Nursery Landscape Identification contests
were a great success.  I hope that it was a beneficial experience for you
and your students as you begin preparing for the region CDEís.
A great big *THANK YOU* to Ms. Lisa Murphree and Ms. Jamie Rich for their
assistance with registration and scoring and a very special thanks to Mr.
Tom Marshall of the Exchange Club for his help in setup and supervision of
the event.  We had 40 teams take part in the identification contests with
over 150 FFA members testing their plant knowledge.  It was a great
experience for me to see so much interest and students so excited about
plant science!

Please find attached the score sheets with team rankings - only the top 5
high individuals per event were ranked.  A copy of the studentís answer
sheet as well as the key will be mailed this week to advisors.

Please let me know if you have any questions/comments/concerns.


Yvette H. Smith
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