Dear Fellow Ag Teachers,
Many ag teachers may not know this, but there are numerous international travel opportunities that, as an educator, you may qualify for.  If you like summer traveling, learning new cultures, and networking with teachers from all over, read on.
Attached is a summary chart I put together of some of the travel/learning opportunities that you may qualify for.   Most of these trips are fully funded, while others may require some partial payment out of pocket.  Travel duration tends to range from one week to three weeks.   Most require principal approval, 3 references, and a very detailed application.
I have been fortunate to participate in 5 fully funded international trips that were all just fantastic experiences.  I think Ag teachers may have an advantage in the application process since most of the other applicants are from other academics.  Many of the trips also qualify for accruing PLU's toward your teacher certification.
Organizations like The Earthwatch Institute, Fulbright Memorial, and Toyota International Teacher Program are all top notch programs that provide you with a fully funded dynamic itinerary with a diverse group of American educators, usually 12-20 in number.   As a former member of a selection committee, I can tell you from experience that teachers from ALL subject areas are encouraged to apply because they like to have a diverse group of teacher delegates.  In 4 of the educator trips I took, I was the only Ag teacher in the group.
Many of the application deadlines are approaching, so if any of these travel programs speak to you, now is the time to start thinking about it . 
Keep in mind that with a fully funded program, competition can be fierce, and you will need to put a lot of thought to the questions in the essay portion of the application.  They are particularly interested in how you will APPLY the travel experience to your classroom upon your return.
If I can help anyone with the application process, please let me know.  I hope this attachment will stimulate some interest for more Ag teachers to apply.  You'll be glad you did!
Joe C. Green
Horticulture Teacher - Pope High
FFA Chapter Advisor
I.S.A. Certified Arborist - International Society of Arboriculture
770-578-7900, ext. 286