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Date: Fri, Nov 11, 2011 at 2:00 PM
Subject: Reminder State Dairy Heifer Deadline 11/15, & Order Hog show tags now
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Deadline for entry in the State Commercial Dairy Heifer Show is Tuesday, November 15.


You must go online at:


and get them entered before midnight on Tuesday.


Checks and Signed entry forms need to be mailed by the following Tuesday (Nov. 22).


Remember that there is an exhibitor fee of $5 in addition to the entry fees for the heifers.  If an exhibitor has already shown a goat or lamb, they do not have to pay the $5 fee again.  Is that confusing?  Yes, it can be.  So to avoid errors, just select "Animal Pay Submission" on the left side of the screen after you get through entering all of your Dairy Heifers.  You will get a list of what everyone owes and a total that you need to pay.


Order HOG TAGS now

Market Hog Entry Deadline is December 5.  While we will ship tags up to November 28 (The Monday after Thanksgiving), the mail usually start slowing down about that time of year, so please get those hog tag orders in the mail now.  When you have to deal with your mail system and we have to deal with University mail,  things get real iffy about pick up and delivery around Thanksgiving.  Save your nerves and use the Order form at: 





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