Teachers, please take a look at the question below regarding the Ag.
Mechanics team activity.

 One suggestion for preparing your students for this activity is to go to
the Ag. Ed website and take a look at some of the past State EMC wiring
problems. Work these problems with your students in terms of calculating
load and determining the number of individual conductors run in conduit
needed to wire the circuit.The size conduit you use will be determined by
the load (size of conductor), number of conductors in conduit, and the type
of insulation, so basically it will be sized for 12 or 14 AWG wire for our
purposes and how ever many conductors there are in the circuit. Determining
the size conduit is part of the skill for the students so I cannot tell you
what size, but I can tell you that it is Rigid PVC schedule 40.

As far as determining the % area based on the number of conductors, and
area of conductors, and its' affect on selecting which size conduit to use,
it could be part of the team activity. I believe you are referring to
Chapter 9 table 4 Dimensions and % area of conduit, and Chapter 9 Table 5
Dimension of insulated conductors. This could be part of the team activity
and is something that I would at least work through with my students as it
applies to one of the old State EMC CDE wiring problems.

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>   Mr. Bell,****
> What size PVC conduit will they be working with and in the code book there
> is a section that has something to do with the size of the conduit
> determines the % of area that it can take up. Is that going to be a factor
> for the team part of the ag mechanics CDE we need to be aware of too?****
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