We have received word that the Ag Career Network (ACN) will be ready for launch on December 15. That means that the current PeopleSoft membership system is planning to be shut down by the first of December to insure that all members entered on the current system are uploaded into the new system before it launches.


What does this means for you???

· All work done on the PeopleSoft membership system must be completed by the end of the day TOMORROW, Wednesday, November 30. Please DO NOT add or renew any additional students on the PeopleSoft system after Wednesday, November 30.

· If you have members that you know need to be added, I encourage you to do that today or tomorrow.

· All students who are added to the PeopleSoft system and are processed by November 30, will be in the Ag Career Network membership roster when it launches. You will NOT have to re-enter them.

· In order for a student to be processed on the PeopleSoft system, you must submit your online roster for state approval AND submit payment to the Georgia FFA Association by Dec. 1.

· Any batches/rosters submitted on PeopleSoft that do not have dues submitted by December 1, will be canceled. That means you will have to re-enter them on the new system when it opens. Please submit your payment on time in order for us to process your roster.  Please work closely with your local systems to insure that payment is mailed on time. If you have concerns about submitting payment by December 1, please call our office. If we do not receive payment and do not hear from you,  we will not process your roster!


For those of you who are caught up until you receive new students in January, you will be able to add and renew students after November 30, but that process will then take place in the new roster system on the Ag Career Network. More information will be provided for the ACN as we approach the December 15 launch date. An online tutorial is available now at the following link https://www.ffa.org/Pages/ACN.aspx#.


If you have questions, please do not hesitate to give us a call. Thank you for your patience and great work. As of today we already have more than 26,000 FFA members for the 2011-12 school year. Keep up the great work!




Ben Lastly

Executive Secretary

Georgia FFA Association

316 Poultry Science - UGA

Athens, GA 30602

Phone: (706) 552-4456

Fax: (706) 552-4458

Website: www.georgiaffa.org