This email is to remind you of the FFA Connect initiative and encourage you to join and have your students join.  Encourage your students to have their parents join.  It only takes a few minutes.  I have copied Ben's previous email with details below.  The winning state will receive $1000.  Help Georgia win by encouraging others to join today!

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Kevin Jump
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I know that you have heard about the FFA Connect initiative that is currently running. This may be something that you can share with your local Alumni or parent booster group. You can also have your current students login and CONNECT. I completed my FFA Connect login a month ago, and it took me 5 minutes. It is easy to do.


Like any good FFA initiative, this is a competition…..if you click on this link www.ffa.org/connect  you can see the FFA Connect website. Across the top of the page you will see the Leaderboard  link. Georgia is currently number 6 nationally in FFA Connects! We are making one more push before the December 30 deadline. Next week, December 12-17, will be FFA Connect week in Georgia. With over 31,000 FFA members and their parents, siblings, etc…we could have well over the 800 connects we have today. If each chapter will designate just a little time next week and push the FFA Connect in  your local program and community, we should see Georgia at the top of the FFA Connect Leaderboard.


The value of taking time to add Connects from former Georgia FFA members is that our state will receive the database from the National FFA Foundation once the program closes. We will have updated contact information for former members who can be called on to help judge events, support the Foundation, join your local Alumni or Young Farmer chapters, and be part of our growing program.


For those interested and willing to help, I encourage you to take some time next week to Connect!


Ideas for local promotion include…

-article/ad in local paper

-announcements at school

-FFA members visiting local businesses and/or chamber of commerce to share FFA Connect info

-Promotion on local FFA Facebook pages

-mass text messages to current and former FFA members from your chapter


There are opportunities for prizes for individuals, and $1000 to the state with the most FFA Connects, so please consider asking your people locally to consider logging on to FFA Connect. You can share this on Facebook or email it out to any former students. More information about the FFA Connect will be posted on the Georgia FFA Facebook page today.


The FFA Connect initiative ends on December 30.