The 2012 FFA Discussion Meet topics have been announced. A printer friendly page with these topics can be found in the Awards Bulletin on the Georgia FFA website (


Discussion Meet Topics 2012

1.       How can Georgia farmers and FFA convince the public that the animal agriculture industry balances production efficiencies with the public’s expectation of animal care?

2.       Have farmers and FFA effectively utilized social media to educate & influence the public?

3.       How do Georgia farmers capitalize on the growing world demand for agriculture products?

4.       What role can agriculture play in addressing health and obesity issues?


Mr. Tommy Waldrop is serving as the Superintendent of the state FFA Discussion Meet. In the North Region, your contact is Dr. Teri Hamlin. In the Central Region the contact person is Mr. John Allen Bailey and in the South Region your contact is Mr. Tommy Waldrop.


Please let me know if you have any questions.



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