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Central Region Proficiency Registration 2012

Please complete this form and submit it to me by February 1, 2012. Each
teacher in the department should fill out one of these forms with the
proficiency areas they are responsible for. Please remember that you can
only enter one(1) application per award area from your chapter. Hard copies
of Applications are due to the Central Region Office by February 15, 2011.
This is a due date and not a post marked deadline. No late applications
will be accepted. I will compose a master list of what has been registered
on February 1, 2012 and send it out on February 3, 2012 for your review.
Our goal is to have at least one applicant for each area. Thanks for your
help with this.

Chapter Name *

Advisor Name *

Central Region Agricultural Education Area *


Proficiency Award Areas * Please check the Award Areas you plan to have a
proficiency in this year.

Agricultural Communications
Agricultural Education
Agricultural Mechanics Energy Systems
Agricultural Mechanics Fabrication and Design
Agricultural Mechanics Repair and Maintenance - Entrepreneurship
Agricultural Mechanics Repair and Maintenance - Placement
Agricultural Processing
Agricultural Sales - Entrepreneurship
Agricultural Sales - Placement
Agricultural Services
Agriscience Research - Animal Systems
Agriscience Research - Plant Systems
Agriscience Research - Integrated Systems
Beef Production - Entrepreneurship
Beef Production - Placement
Dairy Production - Entrepreneurship
Dairy Production - Placement
Diversified Agriculture Production
Diversified Crop - Entrepreneurship
Diversified Crop - Placement
Diversified Horticulture
Diversified Livestock Production
Emerging Agricultural Technology
Environmental Science and Natural Resources Management
Equine Science - Entrepreneurship
Equine Science - Placement
Fiber and/or Oil Crop Production
Food Science and Technology
Forage Production
Forest Management
Fruit Production
Goat Production
Grain Production - Entrepreneurship
Grain Production - Placement
Home and/or Community Development
Landscape Management
Nursery Operations
Outdoor Recreation
Poultry Production
Sheep Production
Small Animal Production and Care
Specialty Animal Production
Specialty Crop Production
Swine Production - Entrepreneurship
Swine Production - Placement
Turf Grass Management
Vegetable Production
Veterinary Science
Wildlife Management

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