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Date: Wed, Jan 11, 2012 at 10:07 AM
Subject: Control root disease for less than 4 cents per flat!
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On sale for just one more week for $90.00 per bottle.  One bottle mixed with 500 gallons of water will treat 2370 flats; 42650- 4” pots; 11,500 – 6” pots; or 5,000 – 8” pots.  It cost less that 4 cents to treat a 1020 flat and defend your crop against costly loss from root disease.


Get a $5.00 rebate for each bottle purchased through January 16.  Get $30.00 rebate on each case, 6 bottles per case.  See details here:




Subtilex® NG

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Biological Fungicide for Protection Against Soil Borne Pathogens Such as Rhizoctonia spp. and Fusarium spp.

Fight Soil Borne Pathogens with Subtilex® NG biological fungicide!

  • Long shelf life
  • No refrigeration needed
  • Resistant to harsh environmental conditions
  • Destroys cell wall of pathogens
  • Won’t clog application equipment
  • Compatible with biological and chemical programs
  • Convenient packaging

Subtilex NG is an effective biological product for preventative control of soil borne pathogens like Rhizoctonia spp. and Fusarium spp. Made with the hardy MBI 600 strain of the bacteria Bacillus subtilis, Subtilex NG immediately colonizes and protects plant roots while producing a metabolite that destroys the pathogen’s cell wall. Subtilex NG endures extreme environmental conditions for a more flexible application window. The dry, water dispersible formulation of Subtilex NG won’t clump or clog equipment. See why Subtilex NG is your best choice for a biological fungicide!


Dr. Teri Hamlin
North Region Agriculture Education
Georgia Department of Education
204C Four Towers University of Georgia
Athens, Ga 30602
706-552-4461 / 706-540-0032
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